We hold large stock of DIN, Deutsch and Superseal connectors in particular but  have the flexibility to work with any kind of connector our customers require. Each connector can be included in a kit as a plug and play solution, connected to any kind of wire or wiring assembly and encapsulated/overmoulded for full electrical protection.



We offer a range of different applications when it comes to getting you connected, from DIN connectors to Deutsch and Superseal connectors



Want full protection? All  connectors can be tested and overmoulded in-house for the ultimate protection to your electrical connections



We can provide each connector on a handset as a stand alone item, or as a fully wired, overmoulded kit custom to suit your business needs

Keeping you in control

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Overmoulded DIN connectors provide high levels of water ingress protection and reliability for your cables and connections.


Typically used for sensors, solenoid vales and power supplies that require high levels of stress resistance and excellent electrical properties in heavy duty industrial vehicles, agricultural applications, trucks, vans and busses. 

Bayonet lock secures the male & female connectors together, with wide operating temperatures and resistance to physical shock and vibration.



Designed specifically for use in harsh environments, Deutsch connectors are used in many automotive, agricultural and industrial vehicle and machinery applications. 

With or without the E009 modification for heat shrink and overmoulding applications, These connectors offer high levels of water ingress protection and have a pre-assembled connection lock for extra security



Superseal connectors come in a range of different sizes, from 1 to 6 positions.

Used mostly in the automotive, agricultural and industrial machinery industries, Superseal connectors are designed for ease of manual harness assembly, engine mounting and under-hood environments. Overmoulding options allow for full water, dust and corrosion protection and each connector is interchangeable and can be connected to existing components and devices such as lighting  sensors. 




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