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We have used technology and strict guidelines to ensure our range of products suitable for on road sweepers and other refuse machinery is both safe to use but also ensures the safety of the operators and those around them whilst in operation.


Beacon Lighting:

Our LUX lighting range offers multiple amber flashing beacons suitable for use on road sweeper machines, with different application options, from screw mount to DIN poles and NPTs, and a variety of different flash patterns to choose from.









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Light Bars:

LUX light bars come in two different sizes; full size & mini, and offer flexible and powerful lighting options, with multiple different flash patterns to choose from. 









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Control Handsets:

We offer a variety of handsets and controls, wired to each customers requirements complete in a plug and play* solution kit. Our PXL smart control handset offers a simple yet powerful user interface, with back-lit, interchangeable LED buttons, enhanced security features such as coded button sequences and full bespoke customisation for each individual customer, as well as first class responsiveness and reliable, effective connections. 









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Official UK distributors and stockists of the likes of Mafelec and Giovenzana. Providing the refuse industry with components such as rotary switches, joysticks and emergency stop buttons which can be wired in or supplied as a stand alone kit with a plug and play solution for our customers to simply apply themselves. 









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