Not only are we specialist suppliers of lighting, handsets & controls from some of the biggest names in the respected industries, we also have the skills and the knowledge to mould these products to our customers needs and requirements better than ever thought possible. Our key services include:

One of the main benefits of overmoulding is that it offers higher levels of water ingress protection. We can overmould almost anything, from wires and connectors to stand alone buttons and emergency stops. 

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With demand every growing, we offer all of our products where possible on a "fully wired, tested, solutions kit" basis which means we do all the internal and external wiring inhouse, from connections to testing and finish off with a connector of your choice, adapting the plug and play application so the product will work as soon as it is connected to the machine.

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Using only the highest quality materials, we have the facilities to create bespoke wiring looms and harnesses for our customers. We use conduit as an extra measure of mechanical protection on top of encapsulation, water tight glands and double cable insulation.  

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