What is "Solid State Technology"?

Solid State Technology gets its name from the path that electrical signals take through solid pieces of semiconductor material. Prior to the use of solid state devices such as the common transistor, electricity passed through the elements inside of a heated vacuum tube. Solid state devices, such as transistors, use conductors to control the flow of signals through a circuit. Vacuum tubes are still used in some devices but are the opposite of solid state because the tubes can burn out, break and consume lots of additional energy. We use solid state technology in our handsets to avoid this.

What do we mean by "Plug and play"?

Plug and play wiring looms and electrical assemblies are designed to provide a quick connect system that can be installed simply and efficienctly in an emergency situation. They are ideal for protection against water, oil and other contaminations and reduce downtime, last longer than standard power cables and are easy to deploy. Plug and play devices remove the need for an experienced electrician for installation as it is as simple as plug in each connector in and go - no wiring necessary!



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